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Monday, August 29, 2011

Walk Garden Clean Create

Walk Garden Clean Create, that is what I have just written on a stick it note and attached to my computer. Seems like a strange list doesn't it. But here is the thing, I turn on my computer before I have breakfast in the morning. And basically for the rest of the day, that is where you can find me, at my computer. I always tell myself that I will go for an extra walk or even just one walk today and then I find something else that needs my attention at my computer.
 I love my garden but I never get time to be in it, to weed it, to nurture it. so I think it is about time that I make the time to enjoy the garden.

So I know you can see the value in walking and spending time in the garden, but Clean, really?? I love a clean space, an area that is organised and sparkles, that smells nice and is inviting. And again I find myself doing the cleaning as a chore only. So it is clean and neat, but not sparkly and organised and then over time not inviting. So a note to myself to take 10 minutes each day to make an area sparkle and light some fragrant candles, as I work from home I want to enjoy this space of mine and claim it again :)

And create, which I do for classes and for me but always just squeezed in here and there. The create is to remind myself that I am in a creative business and as such I need to schedule in the creative space to create and sometimes to just play!

So Walk, Garden, Clean and Create is going to be on my list of things to do for the next 30 days. Lets see how it goes :)

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