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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Doing something creative each day

Well 2012 is here and is making its presence felt in many ways, Sydney has been heating up and while it now feels more like January I would really like the cooler weather to make a come back.

 Do you make new years resolutions? I try not to think of them of new years resolutions, because to me that means they will get broken (going from past history here) so instead I find that every January (actually it usually starts in December) I get the urge to clear out and throw out. This is the time of year that my hoarding tendencies send me into a bit of a panic and instead I want minimalist, don't worry I am always completely over this by February :)

In the change over from my last year diary to the this year diary (I have one of those ones that you just slot the new pages in) I went through all of the other things in the diary folder and found a list that I had made 5 years ago with a 5 year plan. Obviously cleaning out my diary folder each year was not listed! The great thing about this list was that my goals are the same, almost word for word. The timeline was a bit off though by next year I should be reaching one of the major goals.

It got me to thinking though about how I view things and what I do.

For a long time now I have tried to walk, create and garden in each day. But looking at what a lot of the scrapbooking community is doing and being inspired and what my friends are doing and being inspired, I thought it was probably time to step things up and hold myself a bit accountable as well.

So I am listing here and maybe (notice there are no promises listed here lol) I will check periodically and see what is happening.

Inspired by Ali Edwards, my word for 2012 is Energize.

Inspired by Karen Grunberg , I am keeping my art journal going each week, usually something each day.

Inspired by my wonderful women who come to my classes, I am taking the Scrapbooking Australia classes to a whole new level.

Inspired by Pure Honey Photography, I am trying to take a photo each and every day.

Inspired by Photography Hotspots, I am looking at places I visit and getting inspiration to visit others to take photos of the landscape.

Inspired by Peta, just all over, and she is the card queen, but I am going to do more cards this year. this one does not have a time, quantity or deadline. I think I will need to see about this one and get back to you on it.

In the mean time check out the links (just click on the name) and let me know what or who inspires you!

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