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Thursday, December 8, 2011

gift idea

This was my last class for this year and I had a great time teaching it, I love the Wednesday ladies. So much fun and I really loved that everyone put their own spin on this little project.
This mini printers tray is from Collections and went together while we laughed, ate very yummy chocolate mini brownies -which I meant to take a photo of but they were all gone by the time I remembered, and caught up on each others lives and what is in store over the Christmas break.

One of the reasons I love teaching is the fantastic people you meet and as with most scrapbookers class is a chance to make new friends with like minded souls :)

This year I am taking a break in teaching over Christmas so that I can sort out the final issues with our new site and get our inventory up on the site.

There is also the Retreat in February to organise and did I mention what a mess my scrap area is at the moment lol. I am going to to take a few days to sort through that.

There is one more class next week being taught by the amazing Peta.

New classes will be up for January and February soon so watch this space.

Now the hardest thing about this project is, is it a gift or a keeper?

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